Namoti Tours is 100% locally own holiday travellers entrepreur, we operate from Vanuatu Gateway, Efate Island, and Capital City Port Vila, for over 4 years now. Our passion is to share what matters to you about our paradise called “Vanuatu” whether it is a day visit or a week stay.

We offer cruise tours, hotel tours, Vila night life tours, private tours for distinguish guest or groups, and transfers. We also connect with outer island tours.  Our service suits all categories like individuals, couples, groups, families, honeymoons and designated groups of any size. Our dedicated staffs have the experience and expertise to create a dream holiday for you by ensuring your time with us is memorable and fun whilst combing nature, environment, culture, people and fine beaches. We look forward to having you soon and again our beautiful paradise called “Vanuatu” awaits you.

Namoti Tours is a member of the Vanuatu Tour Operators Association (VTOA) and Port Vila Efate Land Transport Association (PELTA) of which both work together under the Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO).

Namoti Tours team will ensure we do all can to make your experience becomes a passion and dream to return to Vanuatu one day.

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